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Steeple Inspection Services

Our professional steeple inspection and consultation service will safely and effectively provide complete awareness of current existing conditions utilizing over 30 years experience and knowledge specializing in steeple restoration and repair. With today's ever changing environment and economic conditions, having a complete evaluation of hard to reach areas such as church steeples, domes, towers, spires, roofs and more can help prevent several thousands of dollars in personal and or unclaimed property damages. When it comes to inspecting these hard to reach areas, we have the ability and cost effective means to provide our customers the most comprehesive maintenance & property evalautation reports including high definition video and photos.


Church Inspection & Property Evaluation Specialist


CIS Steeplejack has been all over the country performing professional steeple inspection, assesment, evaluation and consultation services for over 30 years. Chances are we have been in your nieghborhood providing a safe and effective, hands on and or remote aerial drone inspection / property evaluation for a church, cathedral, synagog or other sacred place of worship near you. Our professional inspection team has over 30 years of knowledge and experience in historical restoration and repair. While a view from binoculars from the ground may reveal some information, having a birds eye view reveals the whole picture. Sometimes the need for cranes, manlifts and or other types of rigging is inevitable as some situations may need a more hands on approach but in most cases, a good evaluation can be achieved using our highly advanced model drones equiped with the right equipment including high definition cameras that allows us to provide our customer with complete knowledge and awareness as well as a safe view of their structure in real time.This method of inspection saves our client up to 80% from the high cost of heavy equipment and other operator fees acquired from traditional means of inspecting your steeple, tower or dome.

  • Property maintenance inspections
  • Pre-bid aerial inspections
  • Pre-bid consultations
  • Detailed evaluation reports
  • Detailed and competitive cost estimates for repairs
  • Professional evaluation presentations
  • As well as many other nationwide professional services

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Keeping Cost Down In High Places - Exclusive Drone Inspections

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NOTHING IS MAINTENANCE FREE! - We dont use any pushy sales techniques to make our customers think they are getting something that is going to last forever or be maintenance free. We believe in true materials, that is; materials that last and have been thru the test of time. Over the years I can not say how many times Ive said to myself "I thought Ive heard everything". With how things are with todays economy, sales pushy techniques are becoming more and more relevant. Products are changing at the speed of light and are just becoming a product of sales. For example paints; many of us know that most paint "back in the golden days" contained lead and of course went the distance in regards to longetivity. Paint protected and made a surface in modern terms "maintenance friendly" meaning it was made to protect the surface and ultimately fade and flake thus leaving one to know that it is time to re-coat and protect thier investment. Though paints today no longer caintain lead, some of the remaining top manufactures today are competing to retain the highest quality, longest lasting, protective coatings using oils, alkyds and hybrid acrylics. WE USE NO IMITATION PRODUCTS; PVC; VINYL LUMBER OR COATINGS - WE USE MATERIALS THAT HAVE BEEM TIME TESTED AND PROVEN TO BE THE BEST - OUR INGREDIENTS ARE ALL NATURAL AND MOTHER NATURE APPROVED!

CIS Steeplejack -
Nationwide Aerial Steeple Inspection Service

Our steeplejack company has provided inspections and evaluations for over 25 years. We are nationwide, fully insured and licensed for all states including but not limited too; Ohio, oh, Alabama, al, Arizona, AZ, Arkansas, AR, Colorado, co, Connecticut, ct, Delaware, de, Florida, fl, Georgia, GA, Idaho, id, Illinois, IL, Indiana, in, Iowa, IA, Kansas, KS, Kentucky, KY, Louisiana, la, Maryland, MD, Massachusetts, ma, Michigan, mi, Minnesota, MN, Mississippi, ms, Missouri, mo, new Hampshire, NH, new jersey, NJ, new Mexico, nm, new York, NY, north Carolina, NC, north Dakota, ND, Ohio, oh, Oklahoma, OK, Pennsylvania, pa, Rhode island, RI, south Carolina, sc, south Dakota, SD, Tennessee, TN, Texas, TX, Virginia, VA, Washington, WA, west Virginia, WV, Wisconsin, WI, Birmingham, Montgomery, mobile, little rock, fort smith, Denver, Bridgeport, new haven, Wilmington, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Tallahassee, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Boise, Chicago, Rockford, Springfield, Indianapolis, fort Wayne, Evansville, south Bend, des Moines, cedar rapids, davenport, Kansas city, Louisville, Lexington, bowling green, new Orleans, baton rouge, Shreveport, Baltimore, Columbia, Boston, Detroit, grand rapids, warren, Ann arbor, Lansing, Minneapolis, saint Paul, Jackson, Gulfport, Kansas city, saint Louis, Manchester, Newark, jersey city, Paterson, Albuquerque, Roswell, buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Fargo, Bismarck, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron, Oklahoma city, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, reading, Harrisburg, providence, Warwick, Columbia, Charleston, north Charleston, mount Pleasant, Rock Hill, Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Clarksville, Houston, san Antonio, Dallas, fort worth, Virginia, Virginia beach, Norfolk, Newport news, Seattle, Spokane, Charleston, wheeling, Milwaukee, Madison and green bay.

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